We love a good list. Some lists you really don’t want to miss out on, like Santa’s List, others you’d consider selling your siblings to be part of, like the Hollywood A-List, while others are yours alone, like bucket lists and your Amazon wishlist. However, this list is *the* big one: Introducing the ultimate Must list of hidden TV gems.

To be honest, there’s a lot of brilliant content in Must TV’s archives, covering every genre, streamer and mood, and we’re on a mission to introduce you to those lesser-known visual marvels that you might not have had a chance to watch yet. In short, this is the type of list you really don’t want to miss out on…

What’s on the major streamers? 

We’re starting with the biggest and best platforms first: Our Best of BBC iPlayer list showcases some of the best TV drama, comedy, and documentaries available anywhere, while sister list, the Best of All4, provides a cracking mix of shows, all completely free to view.

Latest BBC iPlayer shows | ITV Hub: Best rated TVLatest Disney + shows

In the premium pond, the ever-fruitful Best of Netflix from true crime to chess champions, royal drama to Sci-Fi series, meanwhile there’s dark superhero capers, dystopian drama and fun fantasy on offer in the Best of Amazon Prime

Famous faces lead the way 

Of course, big-name celebrities make or break the telly experience, and we’ve some of the top tier making their viewing recommendations on Must TV. From all-round home guru and Property Ladder presenter Sarah Beeny to history expert Dan Snow, through to leading British broadcaster Clare Balding, you can find out what our telly icons are watching.    

Want even more? Try the classics…

Sometimes only tried and tested favourites will do, and we’ve got an absolute treasure trove if that’s your mood. These all-time classic shows will warm the cockles, and for a more highbrow viewing experience try on our favourite literary adaptations for size.

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