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17 Seasons Now TV, Sky 376 x 40 mins
There really isn’t anything quite as comforting as a melodramatic, mid-noughties TV show, is there? Especially when they involve dozens of deaths per season, broken family lives and a high-stress occupation... ok, maybe comforting isn’t the right word.
1 Season BBC iPlayer 3 x 60 mins
For some reason TV producers think we want to sit and relive 2020 via the medium of telly. We were sceptical, but after seeing this wonderful and insightful docu-mini-series, they might just be right.


1 Season Netflix 1 x 90 mins
If like us you look forward to those warm summer days on the British coast, where you tuck into a pile of freshly fried fish and chips... maybe don’t watch this doc.


1 Season Netflix 8 x 60 mins
A co-production between the BBC and Netflix, Giri/Haji (roughly translating to Duty/Shame) is a border crossing cops and crime thriller, with the beauty we are used to from the streaming giant, and the grit we get with all good Beeb dramas.

The Bureau

5 Seasons Amazon Prime 50 x 60 mins
If you don’t mind watching with subs, it’s well worth popping over la manche via streamer and checking out the smash-hit espionage thriller from the French screenwriter, Éric Rochant. It’s time to meet Malotru - secoué, pas remué.


3 Seasons Netflix 30 x 60 mins
This focuses on Birgitte Nyborg Christensen, a small-time centrist politician in Denmark’s parliament, who has, thanks to a series of unfortunate events, ended up as the country’s first female prime minister.
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