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1 Season BBC iPlayer 5 x 60 mins
Stephen Graham, Colin Farrell, Tom Courtenay and some cracking drama on a nineteenth century whaling ship in the Arctic. Not to be missed. 
Score: 7.7
1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 25 mins
Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead (Greg Davies) as he moves from crime scene to crime scene, cleaning up unbelievable messes and meeting some even more unbelievable characters along the way.
Score: 7.1


1 Season Now, Sky 6 x 45 mins
A bipolar pathologist, obsessed with his ex, in charge of solving a stream of cases, so brilliantly gory that they put Saw to shame?
Score: 7.5
1 Season All4 1 x 70 mins x Powerful Documentary
Shot by Constantine Gras, the building’s Artist in Resident a couple of years before the tragedy, The Untold Story is a heart wrenching exposé on the inner failings of Grenfell, shining a searing light on just how avoidable the disaster was.
Score: 8.7
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