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Here at Must we are great lovers of the great outdoors – with all the telly we watch, we’ve got to get some outdoor time somehow – and can’t resist a green-fingered gander. And for garden-lovers this hidden gem is one of the best out there.
Score: 8.1
1 Season BBC iPlayer 1 x 90 mins
People have been going mad for the stories of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries, and it seems the Beeb want in on the action – they’ve whipped up this whirlwind film, about The Hijacker Who Vanished.
Score: 8.7


2 Seasons Netflix 10 x 45 mins
Everyone's favourite gentleman thief is back for another round, after Lupin's first season became Netflix's biggest international show. But is the second serving as irresistible as the first?
Score: 8.0
3 Seasons Now, Sky 30 x 60 mins
For some reason, Succession’s first two seasons have been seriously under-watched here in the UK. Luckily, news of this spicy satire from HBO started to spread by word of mouth...
Score: 9.1
2 Seasons BBC iPlayer 18 x 25 mins
Highly stylised fly-on-the-wall sees couples in intensive therapy. Who knew loaded silences and shouting matches could be so much fun?
Score: 8.7
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