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2 Seasons Netflix 10 x 45 mins
Everyone's favourite gentleman thief is back for another round, after Lupin's first season became Netflix's biggest international show. But is the second serving as irresistible as the first?
Score: 8.0
3 Seasons Netflix 25 x 60 mins
Taking on the classic tropes of the 1980s sci-fi, this stylish, intelligent and quite frankly terrifying series is one of Netflix’s most loved originals. “Must TV phone home...” and tell them to stick the telly on, we’re going to the upside-down.
Score: 9.1
1 Season Netflix 6 x 45 mins
Netflix and true crime go together like murder and deceit. Their standalone series Alias Grace is an adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, which is based on a true Canadian murder case from 1843.
Score: 8.5
1 Season Netflix 10 x 30 mins
Sacré bleu! The French are fuming after the cliché filled fantasy, Emily in Paris, hit Netflix. Lily Collins plays Emily, an American sent to Paris to totter about in heels – good luck on those cobbled pavements – and set up a new branch of her marketing firm.
Score: 4.1
1 Season Netflix 10 x 50 mins
For a show that has, quite literally, a spring in its step, look no further than The Last Dance which reveals an amazing story about the superstar basketball player Michael Jordan.
Score: 7.9
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