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1 Season Disney+ 8 x 45 mins
Lily James and Sebastian Stan star in this raucous retelling of a piece of Nineties infamy, with entertaining results.
Score: 6.0
1 Season Disney+ 10 x 45 mins
Put on your jiving shoes with this warm-hearted drama series about the feelgood power of dance and how it can transform lives for the better.
Score: 8.5
1 Season Disney+ 6 x 62 mins
The truly shocking, and still unfolding, story about the opioid crisis which has claimed many thousands of US lives and livelihoods, since the launch of OxyContin in the 1980s. Powerful and gripping viewing.
Score: 8.2
1 Season Disney+ 1 x 120 mins
This was an extraordinary festival, with world renowned performers giving their best, showing every emotion from sadness, grief, elation and utter joy.
Score: 8.4
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