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6 Seasons Netflix 77 x 25 mins
If there’s one thing millennials can relate to, it’s an alcoholic anthropomorphic horse, who is suffering from depression after becoming a washed-up, middle-aged former celebrity. Everyone, it’s time to meet Bojack Horseman.
Score: 9.1
1 Season Apple TV+ 13 x 30 mins
Central Park is created by the team behind the Fox sitcom Bob’s Burgers – a show which hasn’t achieved the cult status in the UK that it has in the US – and both shows celebrate eccentrics who dream big.
Score: 8.3
4 Seasons Netflix 43 x 30 mins
Netflix's hugely popular Big Mouth follows the huge headed and little legged pre-teens of Bridgeton Middle School, who have started noticing some changes…Yep, puberty has hit, and it ain’t pretty.
Score: 8.1
11 Seasons Netflix 119 x 20 mins
Archer is an animation that genuinely deserves the prefix “adult” – full to the brim with profanities, violence, sex and booze, this cheeky comedy is riotous fun.
Score: 8.0
4 Seasons Netflix 36 x 30 mins
F is for Family, and B is for bawdy. That’s what this irreverent 1970s set adult animation is all about. This series takes a close look at a 1970s nuclear family, who bring new meaning to the word dysfunctional.
Score: 7.9
2 Seasons Netflix 26 x 15 mins
Netflix were onto a winner when they created this NSFW animated series, made up of ten minute episodes, each with a different style, theme and focus. The ideal telly solution for those whose brains have been melted by TikTok and Twitter.
Score: 7.4
1 Season Apple TV+ 6 x 20 mins
If you’re one of those few people who opted against getting a lockdown dog, why not pat yourself on the back for having puddle free floors and intact furniture, and sit down to celebrate with twenty minutes of pure puppy joy and the world’s most beloved beagle.
Score: 7.3
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