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1 Season Netflix 1 x 90 mins
Though this Netflix special is almost certain to make you laugh, it may also make your lockdown banana bread making look ever so slightly feeble, when compared with this quarantine-created masterpiece...
Score: 9.1
2 Seasons Netflix 16 x 50 mins
Despite all the references to ‘jizz’, boners, and rampant teenage libidos, this show ultimately stands out as a warm, heartfelt celebration of teenage uncertainty and secondary school years. And it’s hilarious, too.
Score: 9.0
2 Seasons BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Now 12 x 30 mins
So much comedy now is wry-smile kinda stuff, but Fawlty Towers is quite simply laugh out loud and roll around on the sofa. Proper. Old fashioned. Comedy.
Score: 9.0
3 Seasons BBC iPlayer 19 x 30 mins
Every now and then we stumble across a show that is just pure, heart-warming gold, guaranteed to leave us feeling better after each episode. If only we had a metal detector to help us find these shows. “But, that’s Must” we hear you cry...
Score: 8.9
2 Seasons Netflix 14 x 30 mins
Anyone who has ever worked in an office has encountered at least one David Brent-type in their lives. Which is what makes this classic mockumentary so funny, obviously.
Score: 8.9
4 Seasons Netflix 24 x 50 mins
Netflix is building itself a rep for being the home of word-of-mouth hits – Schitt’s Creek, we’re looking at you– as this fun French series continues to generate buzz upon the release of its fourth and final season.
Score: 8.7
11 Seasons Netflix, Now, Sky 250 x 20 mins
Going quietly crazy having been locked-down with your family for too long? We recommend hiding in a cupboard and enjoying twenty minutes of laughter at another family’s dysfunctional shenanigans.
Score: 8.7
9 Seasons All4 173 x 20 mins
We’re not sure you’d be able to sell a ‘show about nothing’ these days. We’ve become far too comfortable with complex plots and high-octane drama. But Seinfeld isn’t of this era, in fact, you might even argue it’s from a better one.
Score: 8.7
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