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11 Seasons All4 141 x 60 mins
The Great British Bake Off is sweeter than a triple chocolate brownie and more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread, ready to make your heart as warm as the famous tent’s many ovens.
Score: 9.2
1 Season All4 5 x 50 mins
Russell T Davies is taking us back to the 80s, the decade of pop music, parties, huge hair... and the AIDS epidemic. This heart-breaking, joyful series follows a group of LGBT friends throughout the decade, with laughter and love sitting front and centre.
Score: 9.0
7 Seasons All4, Amazon Prime, Disney+ 145 x 45 mins
We get that many teenagers would argue that their years spent in secondary school were ‘literally hell’. But in the case of Buffy, she’d really mean literally, hell.
Score: 9.0
1 Season All4 1 x 100 mins
For Sama brings us crashing down to earth and reveals the horror and hope of life under siege in Syria’s Aleppo – in our own time, in 2016
Score: 8.9
7 Seasons All4 155 x 40 mins
The series is set in – believe it or not – the west wing of the White House, and follows the staffers of fictional democratic president, Jed Bartlet.
Score: 8.9
9 Seasons All4 173 x 20 mins
We’re not sure you’d be able to sell a ‘show about nothing’ these days. We’ve become far too comfortable with complex plots and high-octane drama. But Seinfeld isn’t of this era, in fact, you might even argue it’s from a better one.
Score: 8.7
20 Seasons All4 199 x 60 mins
Kevin McCloud’s series has become a byword for building a dream home… and all that entails: overspends, horrific winters, windows that don’t fit, and a new baby born before the place is finished. And in 2020 Grand Designscelebrates its own birthday – a notable 21 years old.
Score: 8.5
1 Season All4 6 x 25 mins
Here at Must TV we have been escaping our very own urban lockdown by revisiting the first series, Escape to River Cottage, and dreaming of our own pig-breeding, pea-growing and pigeon pie-making.
Score: 8.5
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