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1 Season Apple TV+ 1 x 80 mins
At only 80 minutes Dad’s is a heart-warming piece of family television. As Will Smith says in the film – how come you get a 1,000 page manual when you buy a new TV set, but “they send you home with a baby and nothing?”
Score: 8.9
1 Season Apple TV+ 8 x 30 mins
It’s time to blow the dust off and load up Apple TV+, because it turns out there’s a hidden gem hiding out there: Little America.
Score: 8.4
1 Season Apple TV+ 13 x 30 mins
Central Park is created by the team behind the Fox sitcom Bob’s Burgers – a show which hasn’t achieved the cult status in the UK that it has in the US – and both shows celebrate eccentrics who dream big.
Score: 8.3


1 Season Apple TV+ 9 x 30 mins
We've all been spending a lot more time at home recently and here's a great show that celebrates some of the very best homes from around the world.
Score: 8.3
1 Season Apple TV+ 1 x 110 mins
The new Apple TV documentary film, Boys State, explores the baffling world of the annual political club organised and sponsored by the American Legion, in which young boys get to play at running for government.
Score: 8.3
1 Season Apple TV+ 8 x 50 mins
Tehran gives you an almost-can’t-handle-it level of tension. Our protagonist is Tamar Rabinyan, a Mossad Agent who is sent to infiltrate Iran, because it looks like they’re up to no good with nuclear weapons.
Score: 7.7
2 Seasons Apple TV+ 20 x 60 mins
The invention of Must TV was one small step for man, one giant leap for TV-bingeing-kind. Luckily we took that step, and now we can bring you great TV picks like Apple TV+’s sci-fi series, For All Mankind.
Score: 7.6
1 Season Apple TV+ 1 x 50 mins
For most of us, 2020 was a bit of a shocker. There was both political chaos and Covid-19 sweeping the globe. But it turns out, not all of earth’s inhabitants were so put out by the pandemic...
Score: 7.6
1 Season Apple TV+ 5 x 60 mins
When you heard that Prince Harry and Oprah were teaming up for a telly show again, you likely rolled your eyes, predicting another round of Twitter storms and rants on Good Morning Britain. But now it’s out, we’re pleased to report that our social feeds are remarkably calm.
Score: 7.6
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