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1 Season ITV Hub 3 x 60 mins
Tennant skilfully portrays what made the killer such a curiosity: this is a normal guy, with a normal job, who just happens to have murdered a dozen or so young men and used them as props round his house. Interior design 101: don’t use corpses for décor.
Score: 8.9
4 Seasons ITV Hub, Netflix 26 x 60 mins
This ITV adaptation of the naturalist Gerald Durrell’s family memoir My Family and Other Animals is a cosy, nature filled treat.
Score: 8.8


1 Season ITV Hub 3 x 45 mins
It's a story that most of us know about: the former army major who cheated the hit show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire out of, ahem, a million quid. There was coughing from an accomplice and the major was found guilty of fraud.
Score: 8.7
4 Seasons ITV Hub, Netflix 24 x 60 mins
When looking for something to get your telly teeth stuck into there’s little better than a British cop drama, and this offering from ITV is one of the best out there.
Score: 8.3
1 Season ITV Hub 1 x 60 mins
Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald takes a hard look at how floods are affecting every corner of the UK, melding gobsmacking interviews with powerful footage.
Score: 8.1
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