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4 Seasons My5 23 x 45 mins
The last year-or-so of pandemic life has seen some interesting changes in the way we act – we’ve started elbowing our mates, drinking pints in the pouring rain, working in our pyjamas, and become obsessed with farming?
Score: 8.5
1 Season My5 1 x 90 mins
We all tuned in to the blockbuster hit series Chernobyl on Sky, gawping in horror at one of history’s most catastrophic nuclear disasters. And now it’s time to remove HBO’s expensive lens, and visit the town of Pripyat with history at the heart, and Ben Fogle guiding the way.
Score: 7.5
6 Seasons My5 33 x 50 mins
Rich House Poor House is an updated version of Channel 4’s Wife Swap from twenty years ago, except with this one the whole family are packing their bags and the cruelty level is far less.
Score: 7.1
1 Season My5 4 x 50 mins
The Drowning follows the story of a young boy called Tom who disappears on a family day out by the lake. After a bit of searching, the case is then closed by the (apparently incompetent) local cops, his Mum Jodie plunged into grieving for her maybe-dead son.
Score: 7.1
1 Season My5 3 x 60 mins
In 2020, we appeared to formally wave ta-ta to fact-based period dramas, instead welcoming in raucous shag fests in Georgian dresses. Luckily Channel 5 got the memo, and are here with the latest historically inaccurate hoot.
Score: 6.5
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