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5 Seasons Netflix 62 x 60 mins
There are few series as universally revered and conversation-sparking as this. And now, over ten years since it first aired, it’s high(senberg) time we revisited Breaking Bad.
Score: 9.3
9 Seasons All4, Amazon Prime, Netflix 54 x 20 mins
This fourth-wall-breaking show was a cult comedy of the noughties, and has now become one of the most quoted shows on dating app profiles, and arguably the most meme-d series of all time. Welcome to the world of the internet, Jeremy.
Score: 9.2
3 Seasons Netflix 25 x 60 mins
Taking on the classic tropes of the 1980s sci-fi, this stylish, intelligent and quite frankly terrifying series is one of Netflix’s most loved originals. “Must TV phone home...” and tell them to stick the telly on, we’re going to the upside-down.
Score: 9.1
2 Seasons Netflix 19 x 55 mins
This critically acclaimed fictional series features history’s most brutal killers – Ed Kemper, Charles Manson, Monte Rissell, Richard Speck - without glamorising their crimes. It does this by focusing less on the actual killing, and more on the inner workings of the criminals’ messed up minds.
Score: 9.1


3 Seasons Netflix 30 x 60 mins
The Byrdes are just like any other American nuclear family. At least they were until their ol’ pops decided to launder money for a drug cartel.
Score: 9.1
1 Season Netflix 1 x 90 mins
Though this Netflix special is almost certain to make you laugh, it may also make your lockdown banana bread making look ever so slightly feeble, when compared with this quarantine-created masterpiece...
Score: 9.1
6 Seasons Netflix 77 x 25 mins
If there’s one thing millennials can relate to, it’s an alcoholic anthropomorphic horse, who is suffering from depression after becoming a washed-up, middle-aged former celebrity. Everyone, it’s time to meet Bojack Horseman.
Score: 9.1
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