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1 Season Now, Sky 5 x 60 mins
The worst nuclear disaster in history is not the most optimistic premise for a TV miniseries, but Chernobyl’s brilliant account of what happened after the eponymous nuclear reactor failed one spring morning in 1986 is superlative television.
Score: 9.5
6 Seasons Now, Sky 86 x 50 mins
For telly fans such as ourselves, this series marks the dawn of a TV revolution, where the small screen became as significant as the silver one, and home entertainment became a presence as large and looming as Tony Soprano himself. Bada bing bada boom.
Score: 9.3
3 Seasons Now, Sky 29 x 50 mins
Since this probably isn’t family viewing, once you’ve looked up ‘Weimar Republic’ on Wikipedia with your kids, all three seasons of Babylon Berlin are a great way to spend your evenings after the rest of the household has gone to bed.
Score: 9.1
1 Season Now, Sky 8 x 30 mins
This show opens with beautifully shot chaos, as the protagonist, Suzie Pickles (Piper) finds out she has been offered the role of a lifetime as a Disney princess, about 20 minutes before she finds out her nudes have been leaked. What a pickle.
Score: 9.1
3 Seasons Now, Sky 30 x 60 mins
For some reason, Succession’s first two seasons have been seriously under-watched here in the UK. Luckily, news of this spicy satire from HBO started to spread by word of mouth...
Score: 9.1
1 Season Now, Sky 6 x 30 mins
Directed by Michael Winterbottom this comedy dependable with glorious travel sees Steve Coogan alongside Rob Brydon put smiles on all our faces. And right now this is exactly what we need.
Score: 9.0
2 Seasons BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Now 12 x 30 mins
So much comedy now is wry-smile kinda stuff, but Fawlty Towers is quite simply laugh out loud and roll around on the sofa. Proper. Old fashioned. Comedy.
Score: 9.0
1 Season Now, Sky 7 X 50 mins
In Easttown, Kate Winslet couldn’t be further from that swooning character in everyone’s favourite disaster movie. Here she’s a small-town cop, burdened by life and driven by duty. But she still needs help staying afloat...
Score: 9.0
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