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1 Season YouTube 410 x 15 mins
Bob’s branded himself the king of, “all the gear, no idea” to his over three million subscribers, who tune in every week to watch him complete another DIY masterpiece.
Score: 8.3
1 Season YouTube 1153 x 20 mins
Seeing as our summer hols abroad have been placed on the backburner (aka the amber list), we think it’s time to tee up some travel telly to live through vicariously.
Score: 8.9
YouTube 2,680 x 15 mins
Presenters Rhett and Link have been creating content on YouTube since 2012, and have amassed over 17 million subscribers with more than 7 billion views across their videos. And what’s remarkable is that, in their almost ten years of online content creation, they’ve hardly changed their format.
Score: 7.9
1 Season YouTube 444 x 15 mins
Our inherent love of poking round other people’s gaffs led to the creation of the noughties, MTV classic, Cribs. But now, two decades on, our need for interior design inspiration is being fulfilled by a shinier, classier and more celeb filled YouTube channel.
Score: 8.5
1 Season YouTube 432 x 20 mins
For Riley and Elayna, life at sea is no daydream – they live, work and raise their son Lenny on their boat, La Vagabond, as they sail round the world.
Score: 8.9
This is the millennial answer to Jamie Oliver. For those below thirty, it’s away with the 15 Minute Meals and in with a raised eyebrow serving of online cooking. Bon Appetit.
Score: 7.9
Here at Must we are great lovers of the great outdoors – with all the telly we watch, we’ve got to get some outdoor time somehow – and can’t resist a green-fingered gander. And for garden-lovers this hidden gem is one of the best out there.
Score: 8.1
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