Rating 7.8
Streamer All4
Seasons 2
Episodes 12 x 25 minutes

Mitchell and Webb are Back after four long years with another seriously sardonic and passive aggressive season of their marvellously mad comedy.

The first season introduced us to a deflated Stephen, who is set to take over his father’s Gloucestershire pub when his foster brother Andrew turns up on the scene. Andrew is charming, chilled and collected, so naturally Stephen thinks he’s “a glib, dangerous sociopath who’s about to steal his family, his business and his life.” This launches a toxic tirade of mind games and manipulation, as the dysfunctional duo fight to be family favourite.

You may well have dismissed this show as being an unwanted reworking of the near perfect Peep Show, and we can understand why. The characters are pretty similar. Mitchell plays the outwardly sensible but inwardly unhinged Stephen, and Webb his counterpart as the easy-going yet unreliable Andrew. And they’ve used the same writer from their smash hit series, Simon Blackwell.

And we’re not going to try and persuade you that this show is Mitchell and Webb proving they’re more than their Peep Show past. But we are here to tell you that Back has got that same, brilliantly British humour, and that fans of the pair are sure to enjoy their being Back.  

And it seems the press are among those fans, most notably The Guardian’s Ellen E Jones who gave Back’s second seasonfive stars, saying it’s “well worth the wait.” And Sean O’Grady of The Independent couldn’t agree more, calling it “blooming brilliant,” and “a joy to watch.” Carol Midgley in The Times believes “Mitchell and Webb back together are exactly the comfort food television needs,” and says “It’s good to have a comedy you know will never let through a lazy gag…and always chooses black humour over light.”

First shown September 2017. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here:

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