Bon Appetit

Rating 7.9
Streamer YouTube

This is the millennial answer to Jamie Oliver. For those below thirty, it’s away with the 15 Minute Meals and in with a raised eyebrow serving of online cooking. Bon Appetit.

This YouTube channel is a visual side serving to the main course monthly food magazine, which offers recipes, restaurant recommendations, wine reviews and foodie musings. In some ways, the video version does the same – a team of chefs and creatives cooking away in their New York kitchen, chatting about how they once fell out with their neighbour Sally over a red onion, or how a lasagne gave them an epiphany. But then there’s the fun stuff, the stuff too stupid to make the magazine. Like a 25 minute video about different types of eggs, or recreating iconic dishes blindfolded, using taste alone.  

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They’ve got various personalities waving a wooden spoon – people of note include Brad who loves fermenting anything and everything, and Claire who makes every day food gourmet (whilst aggressively complaining about it) – all of them full to the brim with foodie insights and enough sardonic sass to feed a family of four.

As if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetit, they also occasionally invite in celebs to chat cooking and engage in wonderfully stupid challenges. They’ve had Wandavision’s Elizabeth Olsen stuffing her face with ten different types of cheese (one of our faves), and had  Dickinson’s Haillee Steinfeld and Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet in a race cook-off against a pro chef.

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So when planning your post-lockdown dinner party, check in with this lot, and cook up a batch of fermented fruit leatherbrick chicken and gourmet Ferrero rochers. Maybe…

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