Charles Dowding

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Streamer YouTube

Here at Must we are great lovers of the great outdoors – with all the telly we watch, we’ve got to get some outdoor time somehow – and can’t resist a green-fingered gander. And for garden-lovers this hidden gem is one of the best out there.

Charles Dowding is a lifelong grower who has mastered the art of ‘no dig’ gardening, a method which he says makes it easier to grow more food with less space, and cuts down on the weeding too. Now, Dowding is sharing his experience on YouTube with nearly 400,000 subscribers, talking them through his methods in videos ranging from two minutes to half an hour.

It’s a bit like gardening with your fave uncle – he gently guides our trowels and trugs, accompanied by gentle string music and the flutter of birdsong, making for some of the most calming, but instructive content on the internet. And there’s something for every gardener on there, from compost making to plant protection, and making the most of your small spaces. Plus, he shows us how to get the most from our carrots, coriander and cabbages, in the many videos focused on veg growing.

If you’re looking to try your hand at growing your own greens this year, Charles Dowding is a Must, even Monty Don says so. On BBC’s evergreen show, Gardener’s World, he said: “He’s a really good grower, organic, has fabulous produce… I’m a convert now, I want to dig as little as possible.”

So before you pick the spade up get on to YouTube for what we reckon is some of the best garden telly around! We’ll all be no-digging for victory in 2021.

You can watch Charles’s intro by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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