Rating 7.6
Streamers Now, Sky
Seasons 1
Episodes 8
Duration 50 mins

It’s been a while since David Attenborough blessed our screens with his soothing tones and stunningly shot scenery, and you may well be feeling his absence. Luckily for you, Sky Nature has launched a new series which may just scratch that itch.

This one takes us on a tour round the Equator, showing us how wildlife survives in the sunniest regions of our planet. It’s an interesting documentary which packs in the information – so much so that you almost feel like you’re in a biology lesson. However, it isn’t quite the visual treat that we are used to with the likes of Blue Planet and Planet Earth, and a few bits of it are a bit outdated.

For example, the music that plays in the background is more than a little disjointed, and the titles are so reminiscent of the early 2000s that we actually had to double check we weren’t accidentally watching an old show. But that’s not to say it isn’t enjoyable. There’s still the drama of predator versus prey battling it out, and the added stress of the unpredictable elements mother nature throws at the animals, so there’s plenty to keep you watching. But if you’re looking for a cinematic experience, maybe skip this one.

The Guardian’s Stuart Jeffries says that whilst Equator isn’t as ‘visually sumptuous as Blue Planet’, it’s ‘probably more informative than much of David Attenborough’s hallowed oeuvre.’ However, he says that the best thing about the documentary is, ‘its rebuke to human hubris.’ By that he means, in comparison with these amazing creatures, adapted so perfectly to their environment, humans look very, very average.

So, if you want to be humbled by the wonder of nature, then check out Equator on Sky Nature, and Now TV.

First shown August 2020.

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