Rating 7.7
Streamer BBC iPlayer
Seasons 3
Episodes 19 x 30 mins

With the recent surge of smarter than thou comedies, we are actually relieved to see a third series land of this seriously silly show. Ghosts isn’t smart-arse, it isn’t ground-breaking and it isn’t angry; but what it is, is needed.

With every writer and broadcaster battling it out to see who can have the most viral, politically relevant and bone wry show, this family-friendly fun fest is a welcome addition to our week. From the team behind Horrible Histories, Ghosts is full of longstanding comics who can deliver a line with perfect timing, even if that line is, “Oh no! Fanny’s exposed.” The show is about ghosts (obviously) who are causing comedy chaos in an old house which has recently been inherited by a young couple. Being your standard hustling millennials, they want to turn it into an upscale Airbnb and make a bit of dosh, but the ghosts aren’t having any of it. It’s all very easy and light-hearted, and makes for the perfect comfort watching now the nights are closing in.

Reviewing season 3 in The Times, Ben Dowell says “The brilliance of this comedy lies in the way it weaves big themes into its silliness. Is there a bigger human subject than the end of life? Just as unobtrusively (and no less importantly) it’s also about Britain and its history… I love it to death.” The Guardian’s Rebecca Nicholson agrees, commenting, “It is one of the least demanding sitcoms on television – and one of the most charming.” Not as sold is The Telegraph’s Anita Singh, who says “I wish I liked Ghosts more,” but she does then say, “I would rather watch 100 episodes of this than one of the BBC’s more topical comedies.” She’s @-ing you, Have I Got News For You.

First shown April 2019.

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