Good Mythical Morning

Rating 7.9
Streamer YouTube
Episodes 2,680 x 15 mins

For a lot of us, breakfast TV is a part of our morning routines. After snoozing the alarm five times, we begrudgingly begin to think about facing the day, dragging our feet towards the kettle and popping the telly on as we go past, only to ignore it entirely and instead think about the huge to do list sat waiting at the WFH desk…. Well, we’ve got a show which could spice up the (Good Mythical) Mornings, and no one has to spend a penny.

You might have to watch a few ads though, unless you’re one of the few people willing to fork out the hefty £12 a month for YouTube premium. Because that’s the home of this brilliant channel, which serves up a slice of light hearted entertainment that will go perfectly with your bowl of Weetabix.

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Presenters Rhett and Link have been creating content on YouTube since 2012, and have amassed over 17 million subscribers with more than 7 billion views across their videos. And what’s remarkable is that, in their almost ten years of online content creation, they’ve hardly changed their format. Well, if it ain’t broke…

Each weekday the duo tackle a new topic or theme in a talk-cum-variety-show style, full of gags, games and competitions. They’ve done things like hot chilli challenges, deep frying random objects and trying out flavoured oxygen. So yes, we’re veering slight away from Radio 4’s Today Programme type of morning shows. And that’s exactly why we love it. It’s silly, hassle free, family friendly fun, where each morning you wake up with no idea what kind of mischief the Mythical gang will be up to. And, there’s not a Piers Morgan in sight. What better reason to get out of bed? First shown January 2021.

You can watch their most popular video by pressing the play button on the show image, or by clicking here.

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