Rating 8.3
Streamer Apple TV+
Seasons 1
Episodes 9 x 30 mins

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home recently and here’s a great show that celebrates some of the very best homes from around the world. It’s a quirky selection of truly exceptional houses with fascinating human stories attached. This is no makeover show, but a thoughtful celebration of great designs and the fascinating people behind them.

In the Chicago Sun Times Richard Roeper calls the houses in the series “beautifully strange… stunningly original dwellings” and assesses them for living in during a lockdown: “as we’re introduced to one creative visionary after another and we see the amazing living quarters they’ve designed and/or occupy, we can’t but help but think about what it must be like riding out a quarantine in any one of these places.” R Daniel Foster in the Los Angeles Times thinks that the houses featured are “Surprisingly varied as well as profound,” the series, he says, “might have been just another ‘OMG’ take on outré luxury digs, or a breezy riff on ways to make homes sustainable, is actually a deep dive into the very meaning of ‘home.’” In The FT Dan Einav feels that the “series’ greatest asset is that it invites us to look around, take our shoes off, get to know our hosts and, well, make ourselves at home.” The first episode describes the impact of a greenhouse home built just outside Stockholm: “We not only learn about its structural ingenuity and progressive ecological features, but also about the family’s often touching story, not least how their constructed oasis has given their autistic son a vibrant but secure space in which to flourish.”

Homes are maybe more important than ever, and in showcasing some really terrific places where people live, Home could just inspire us to make the most of our own.

First shown April 2020. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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