I Know Who You Are

Rating 8.3
Streamer Amazon Prime
Seasons 1
Episodes 10 x 60 mins

It’s the height of summer, we’ve just had a heatwave, and our rusty electric fans are on the brink after working overtime at our WFH stations. Then we close our laptops, stick on the telly, and it’s sport, sport, sport. Ok, we love the Olympics as much as the next viewer, but we know our readers need drama, drama, drama, and luckily here at Must TV we are on hand to help.  

And we’ve found a good one too, with a bit of foreign language flair. Plus, it’s only ten episodes, which should be just enough to tide us over until the early autumn dramas start dropping. Although, this is so good you’ll definitely be wishing there were more. It’s a dark mystery story, centred around the big time lawyer Juan Elías, who is suffering from total memory loss after a car accident. However, when he comes to, he discovers he’s married to Alica Castro, who is a high profile judge, and they live in a massive, gorgeous house which looks like it should have an Instagram account, and they’ve got two lovely kids, Pol and Julieta. However, despite the lovely house and family, it unfortunately turns out that pre-memory loss, Juan was a bit of an arsehole – all his mates seem to hate him, and he hates his wife, which probably explains why he was having an affair…

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But that’s not all – as if he didn’t already have enough on his plate, he’s also accused of abducting and murdering his niece, Ana, with his brother in law hiring a private legal firm to try and prove it. So now Juan’s got somehow to utilise all those legal skills he’s forgotten, and persuade those mates that don’t like him to help him out, as he tries to clear his name and piece together his vanished memories.

Obviously the whole amnesia shtick is a bit clichéd at this point, this by no means the first time we’ve seen it on the screen, however this is neither a boring or obvious interpretation. First of all, the whole thing is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and the Barcelona setting is going to have you hopping on Airbnb to plan your next vacay. And the thrills are definitely there, with the core story of a missing girl looming throughout. There’s added complexities too, with the family’s personal lives getting tangled up in the case, with rivalries both professional and romantic.

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There’s definitely plenty to keep you watching, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if you end up hooked and binge watching episodes at a time. With the Spanish setting, the multifaceted plot and the gorgeous cinematography, this is a pretty ideal drama.

And The Guardian’s Sam Wollaston agrees, saying “it’s great,” calling it “silky, slick and sharp.” He adds: “It’s understated, and pretty damn cool… And – unsurprisingly – very Spanish.” Reviewing I Know Who You Are when it was airing on the Beeb, Andrew Billen of The Times said “How we love these BBC Four serials, with their expensive interiors, glamorous actors, tolerant attitude to nudity and expansiveness.”

First shown July 2017. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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