I Like to Make Stuff

Rating 8.3
Streamer YouTube
Seasons 1
Episodes 410 x 15 mins

Do you, like us, spend half your spare time scrolling on Pinterest, planning future projects and dreaming of Sundays spent in the shed, tinkering about on a DIY bookshelf, only to then convince yourself you aren’t possibly crafty enough to manage it, and give up on the idea entirely? Well! Let I Like to Make Stuff’s Bob Clagett persuade you otherwise, with his handy videos available for free on YouTube.

Bob’s branded himself the king of, “all the gear, no idea” to his over three million subscribers, who tune in every week to watch him complete another DIY masterpiece. And he’s taking that branding literally – this guy’s shed looks like a craftsman’s paradise, full of woodworking and metal working tools and machines, as well as a 3D printer. Yet, Bob is a self-proclaimed novice, never having received formal training in any of these trades. So, whilst the health and safety risk might be as big as the indoor climbing wall he made in 2018, these are brilliant, informative videos for even the most inexperienced DIY fanatic.

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Hold it, though: we recommend starting with one of the smaller builds, like maybe a leather wallet, or a fire pit, rather than diving straight into 3D-printing a Mandalorian helmet, or building yourself a greenhouse. But to be honest, you don’t even need to actually build anything to enjoy this channel, it will still be fantastic watching.

Bob is super likeable and enthusiastic, and his creative ingenuity is fascinating. Watching him start a project and carry it through to completion is also the same kind of satisfying as watching a Grand Designs build come to life, or seeing a cake rise in the oven. And the best thing about it, is that the episodes are between ten and twenty minutes, meaning you can watch them on your lunch break, or even whilst your housemates/partner/kids argue over what to watch on the box.

First shown August 2013. You can watch the channel’s trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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