Love, Death & Robots

Image: Netflix
Rating 7.4
Streamer Netflix
Seasons 2
Episodes 26 x 15 mins

Netflix were onto a winner when they created this NSFW animated series, made up of ten minute episodes, each with a different style, theme and focus. The ideal telly solution for those whose brains have been melted by TikTok and Twitter.

It’s also great for people who absolutely love a sprawling crime drama, but also enjoy a bitesize content morsel to watch whilst bolting a working lunch. Although we only recommend this if you’re working from home – your boss might get a bit judgemental if she sees you watching a cartoon about an immortal human race that goes around murdering children to stop overpopulation, or astronauts going at it after being blown – pun intended – way off course in outer space. Not sure that’s how we’d handle the approach of our own demise, but each to their own.

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David Fincher clearly wanted to let loose in this series, cramming in as much sex, violence and nudity as he could. But that’s not to say this is just some hedonistic, perverse series with so much sex there’s no story – with every episode being set in an entirely new world, if you watch one and go “nope, that’s too much for me,” it’s no big deal, you just go on to the next. There is something for everyone, too, with the tone moving from dark and gritty, to sharp and wry, then bright and cheery. And the same can be said for the episodes’ style, as some of them look like anime, others a bit like Pixar, then there’s some that look like King of the Hill, and another that gives off a Call of Duty vibe.

And we’re not going to tell you to grit your teeth and force yourself to sit through the ones you don’t get on with: we recommend a sort of pick-and-mix approach, where you watch the ones you want to watch, and skip the ones you don’t. But for animation and sci-fi lovers, we reckon you’ll end up ploughing your way through the lot, marvelling at the mix of styles and thoroughly enjoying the more mature plotlines.

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Vulture’s Scott Meslow has made a handy guide of the best episodes for both season one and season two, as he admits “for every episode with a striking or exciting style of animation, there’s an episode with the paint-by-numbers aesthetic of a mediocre PlayStation 4 game.” However The Guardian’s Graeme Virtue warns against bingewatching though, saying “While every short is well-executed, bingeing them in quick succession dulls rather than sharpens their impact.”

First shown March 2019. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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