Money Heist

Rating 7.9
Streamer Netflix
Seasons 5
Episodes 43 x 50 mins

It started off as the show that you loved to hate, and now you outright love it, recommending it to friends, family and colleagues…left, right and centre. Well, good news – Money Heist is back for another season, and it’s a juicy one.  

The show’s title explains pretty well what this series is about (in Spanish it’s called La Casa de Papel, which translates to The House of Paper), but let us expand – set in the Spanish capital, an elusive man known as ‘The Professor’ recruits eight skilled robbers to carry out an ambitious plot to capture the Royal Mint and hold the building hostage, as they print and then  flee with 2.4 million euros. The group spends five months hidden away in a remote location, planning the heist whilst keeping to unbreakable rules given by their leader – no personal information can be shared, no personal relationships are allowed to develop, and absolutely no violence is allowed to occur during the heist.

As Ed Cumming in The Independent says: “If you chanced upon it you would think it was stilted trash, rather than what it is: the silkiest, most perfectly constructed trash on TV.” We think that’s praise, which is what The Guardian’s Euan Ferguson gives it, describing Money Heist as “the Spanish gift that keeps on giving, like flamenco – yearningly romantic with a broiling undercurrent of mayhem. This is the best foreign-language series in this or arguably any other year.”

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And now, it’s back for a fifth season which is testament enough for the show’s success. However, a new season does not always mean new drama – all too often we come across shows which fizzle out by adding season after unnecessary season, all to their own demise – we all know what happened with the Game of Thrones ending. 

Well, according to The Telegraph’s Ed Power, season five is just as good as its predecessors, “full of tension to the very end” and “still a blast”, with a couple of reintroduced and brand new characters.

Season 5 first shown September 2021.

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