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2 Seasons Netflix 4 x 30 mins
It's a surprise to Team Must just how good a competition show Blown Away is, blending incredible skill, life-ending injuries lurking by the flames, a quirky cast, and a genuine charm. The Christmas special doubles down on all of that and adds a suitably festive layer of music and decor.
Score: 7.4
1 Season Now, Sky 4 x 45 mins
Olivia Colman (ain't she a dame yet?) trades her regal crown for a suburban murder weapon, alongside David Thewlis on sparkling form, in one of the TV shows of the year. Definitely a Must.
Score: 8.9
1 Season Disney+ 10 x 45 mins
Put on your jiving shoes with this warm-hearted drama series about the feelgood power of dance and how it can transform lives for the better.
Score: 8.5
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