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1 Season Netflix 3 x 40 mins
As we know from very recent history, there’s nothing like a big sporting event to cause a societal stir. And whilst tennis isn’t quite as rowdy as recent football matches have proved to be, nobody can deny the gravity of Naomi Osaka’s win against Serena Williams at the 2018 US Open.
Score: 7.8
2 Seasons BBC iPlayer 12 x 60 mins
It seems as though every winter there is one big drama that becomes the runaway hit of that year, becoming the most talked about telly at the school gates... now we’re asking you to cast your mind back to 2014 – the year of The Missing.
Score: 7.4
1 Season Apple TV+ 6 x 30 mins
Say it with us: me me me, ma ma ma, my my my. Great, now your vocal chords are all warmed up, ready for this all singing all dancing (rather weird) musical show from Apple TV+. Curtains up! It’s show time.
Score: 5.6
2 Seasons All4 12 x 25 mins
Looking for a new show with lots of laughs, musings on mental health and an utterly relatable bond between sisters? No, we’re not here to tell you to rewatch Fleabag, we’re here to let you know about this brilliantly hilarious series from Aisling Bea, which is back.
Score: 7.9
2 Seasons Netflix 12 x 15 mins
We didn’t think we could be surprised anymore. Apocalyptic virus sweeping the planet? The Pentagon releasing UFO videos? Nothing can shock us. Apart from maybe this wildly unpredictable and thoroughly enjoyable sketch show. Thanks Tim Robinson, we needed that.
Score: 8.8
1 Season All4 2 x 45 mins
That British stiff upper lip comes with a few rules: don’t talk to people on the tube, always put the hot water in before the milk, and whatever you do, don’t talk about money. But in her true, blunt style, Kathy Burke is saying bugger that, and is having a right rummage around in people’s finances.
Score: 7.8
4 Seasons Netflix 38 x 30 mins
This series focuses on 18-year-old Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist) who, coming to end of his high school years, has decided he’d like a girlfriend.
Score: 8.0
1 Season YouTube 410 x 15 mins
Bob’s branded himself the king of, “all the gear, no idea” to his over three million subscribers, who tune in every week to watch him complete another DIY masterpiece.
Score: 8.3
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