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1 Season ITV Hub 4 x 60 mins
This whodunnit is one of a kind...and long overdue. DI Matthew Venn is tasked with solving a strange murder case and confronting the Evangelistic family who rejected him - it's set to be a juicy one. 
Score: 7.1
1 Season ITV Hub 2 x 50 mins
The two-part series depicts the investigation into the death of Banaz Mahmod, the victim of an ‘honour’ killing in 2006, ordered by her own father and uncle.
Score: 6.7
1 Season ITV Hub 6 x 60 mins
ITV’s new Sunday night series is set in a house with techy devices on every wall, and some floating, bannister-free stairs which would give even Kevin McCloud anxiety.
Score: 6.1
1 Season ITV Hub 6 x 60 mins
Set in Singapore during the Japanese invasion, The Singapore Grip is an adaptation of the satirical JG Farrell 1978 novel about the rich colonial English families that lived there during the dramatic period in history.
Score: 5.3
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