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1 Season BritBox 6 x 50 mins
Irvine Welsh gets to grips with a gothic Edinburgh and its crime scene in a dark and moody series
Score: 7.0
1 Season ITV Hub 1 x 90 mins
There's a fire starting in her heart. Well no surprise with an audience as celeb-laden as this one. It's a top show, full of warmth, gags, a couple of tear-jerkers and whole Palladium full of our most fave tunes. Definitely one for a long winter night.
Score: 7.8
1 Season Disney+ 6 x 62 mins
The truly shocking, and still unfolding, story about the opioid crisis which has claimed many thousands of US lives and livelihoods, since the launch of OxyContin in the 1980s. Powerful and gripping viewing.
Score: 8.2
13 Seasons BBC iPlayer, BritBox 171 x 50 mins
There are a handful of TV show theme songs that just send you right back to a certain point in your life. Like this one this one, with the instantly nostalgic sound of the Tardis flying through space and time, into the face of another adventure.
Score: 8.3
1 Season My5 5 x 60 mins
Dalgliesh has had a sexy makeover in the form of Doctor Foster's Bertie Carvel. This suave seventies drama makes for perfect autumn viewing.  
Score: 7.0
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