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1 Season Netflix 7 x 45 mins
Netflix is diving deep into the movie world with new show, Hollywood, a mix of fact and fiction centred on a gas station
Score: 7.0
1 Season BBC iPlayer 12 x 30 mins
There were a few TV phenomena in the first lockdown of 2020, and this is the least ridiculous of them all – we’re looking at you, Joe Exotic.
Score: 9.0
1 Season Apple TV+ 8 x 45 mins
Wiith Defending Jacob Apple TV+ have released a story that can only make us think the real world isn't so bad after all. We are not sure if that's a good thing, and we're also not sure you should grab an Apple TV+ sub on the basis of this show.
Score: 6.0
1 Season Netflix 7 x 45 mins
The Tiger King Joe Exotic is so crazy you won't know whether to laugh, cry or just self-isolate for the rest of your life.
Score: 7.2
1 Season BBC iPlayer 13 x 25 mins
If the Fifties is more your thing than the Flirties, a classic BBC adaptation of a much-loved children's story could be for you and your kids. 
Score: 8.1


1 Season Now, Sky 7 x 30 mins
A smart, dark comedy thriller with a sprinkling of Phoebe Waller-Bridge stardust ready to binge on Sky and Now TV.
Score: 8.2


1 Season ITV Hub 3 x 45 mins
It's a story that most of us know about: the former army major who cheated the hit show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire out of, ahem, a million quid. There was coughing from an accomplice and the major was found guilty of fraud.
Score: 8.7
1 Season Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer 8 x 60 mins
When this show launched in summer 2014 a number of reviewers noted the timing reflected ongoing unrest in the Middle East. It's a smart, political thriller with a terrific central performance from Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Score: 8.5
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