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2 Seasons All4 12 x 25 mins
Looking for a new show with lots of laughs, musings on mental health and an utterly relatable bond between sisters? No, we’re not here to tell you to rewatch Fleabag, we’re here to let you know about this brilliantly hilarious series from Aisling Bea, which is back.
Score: 7.9


2 Seasons All4 12 x 25 minutes
Mitchell and Webb are Back after four long years with another seriously sardonic and passive aggressive season of their marvellously mad comedy.
Score: 7.8
2 Seasons All4 12 x 20 mins
In 2021 we’re used to our teen drama coming with rich Californians, selfies on Instagram, recreational drugs and naïve parents. But it wasn’t that way in the 1990s - the era of beanie babies, Clueless, girl power...and the troubles in Northern Ireland.
Score: 7.8
1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 30 mins
Writing the script and playing the lead character in Starstruck is the hilarious comedian Rose Matafeo – here she is Jessie, a twentysomething who lives in a flat-share with her best mate Kate. She’s a bit awkward, has a dead-end job and she spends her weekends shagging randoms.
Score: 7.8


6 Seasons Netflix 121 x 45 mins
When Must went to school it was frowned upon to burst into song and dance in the middle of Mr Hall’s maths lesson, or to perform a spontaneous rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody during the Thursday morning assembly. For the cast of Glee however, it’s entirely normal.
Score: 7.8
3 Seasons BBC iPlayer 19 x 30 mins
Ghosts isn’t smart, it isn’t ground-breaking and it isn’t sharp, but what it is, is needed. With every writer and broadcaster battling it out to see who can have the most viral, politically relevant and bone wry show, this family-friendly fun fest is a welcome addition to our week.
Score: 7.7
2 Seasons Now, Sky 20 x 20 mins
People who are already mums and dads are likely going to watch this show with a knowing smirk, relating to these frazzled parents and their child-rearing woes.
Score: 7.7
9 Seasons All4 86 x 40 mins
Taskmaster has graduated from its pint-brandishing, balding roots on Dave to the sober, well-thatched Channel 4. The show already has nine seasons under its red velvet hat, and built up a broad audience of buffoonery-loving fans.
Score: 7.5
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