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1 Season Netflix 8 x 50 mins
Whilst our former health secretary may have been getting frisky in lockdown, for many aspiring lovers it has been a long, hard time without dates. And never one to miss an opportunity, Netflix are cashing in by delivering a televised shagathon, in the form of this ridiculous and soapy series. Well, you know what they say: sex sells.
Score: 4.5
1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 60 mins
Reading the core info about this series, we imagine you’re going “as much as I may love his work, I’m just not sure I can sit through six hours of telly about Ernest Hemingway.” And you know what, we thought exactly the same. But yet here we are, giving it a solid score and trying to persuade you to watch it. You really ought to, too.
Score: 8.5
9 Seasons All4, Amazon Prime, Netflix 54 x 20 mins
This fourth-wall-breaking show was a cult comedy of the noughties, and has now become one of the most quoted shows on dating app profiles, and arguably the most meme-d series of all time. Welcome to the world of the internet, Jeremy.
Score: 9.2
10 Seasons BBC iPlayer 86 x 60 mins
You can’t call yourself a fan of crime drama unless you’ve watched every episode of this show, cried at least twice and jumped out of your seat as your favourite character meets a bloody end. And fans of the show will know what we mean when we say, we’re still not over that final episode.
Score: 9.0
4 Seasons All4 92 x 45 mins
There was something in the air in the early 2000s, and whatever that something was, It apparently made us all go mad for teen drama, especially when it involved bratty American rich kids, wallowing in the sunshine of Orange County.
Score: 7.0
1 Season BBC iPlayer 8 x 50 mins
This brilliant eight-part documentary series follows the civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner, after his landslide win to be elected Philadelphia’s first progressive district attorney.
Score: 8.6
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