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1 Season All4 6 x 30 mins
Whilst the title makes this sound like another one of Channel 4’s factual slots is being filled with people flashing – we’re looking at you, Naked Attraction – it’s actually something much more fun and radical. It’s a sitcom about an all-female, Muslim punk band.
Score: 7.3
1 Season Now, Sky 10 x 45
Small town America is unknowingly playing host to a crash-landed extra-terrestrial, who’s nicked the identity of a (now dead) fisherman on his humble mission to wipe out humanity.
Score: 7.1
20 Seasons BritBox 143 x 25 mins
Almost a quarter of a century since it last aired on ITV, BritBox has revived Spitting Image, but can these puppets bite as hard as their ancestors in a very different world?
Score: 6.9
2 Seasons BBC iPlayer 19 x 30 mins
Ghosts isn’t smart, it isn’t ground-breaking and it isn’t sharp, but what it is, is needed. With every writer and broadcaster battling it out to see who can have the most viral, politically relevant and bone wry show, this family-friendly fun fest is a welcome addition to our week.
Score: 6.7
1 Season Now, Sky 6 x 20 mins
With that title you may well be preparing yourself for a new high-octane medical drama with disaster round every corner. Well, you’d be right about that last part, but the drama is being left behind in this wonderfully silly show about NHS paramedics.
Score: 6.7
1 Season Netflix 6 x 20 mins
Canadian (turned adopted-Brit) comedian Katherine Ryan has followed the footsteps of many comedians before her, and tried her hand at a sitcom.
Score: 6.1
2 Seasons Apple TV+ 22 x 30 mins
If you thought that there couldn’t possibly be a more cringeworthy portrayal of British culture than Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, then just wait until you see Ted Lasso.
Score: 6.0
1 Season Apple TV+ 6 x 30 mins
Say it with us: me me me, ma ma ma, my my my. Great, now your vocal chords are all warmed up, ready for this all singing all dancing (rather weird) musical show from Apple TV+. Curtains up! It’s show time.
Score: 5.6
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