Prince William: A Planet For Us All

Rating 6.8
Streamer ITV Hub
Seasons 1
Episodes 1 x 60 mins

Whilst Prince Harry is facing down structural racism, his big brother is fixing the environment. Prince William: A Planet For Us All follows the Duke of Cambridge over two years on a “personal mission to find ways to protect the natural world for future generations”.

In the Independent Sean O’Grady kicks off with “I don’t know about saving the planet, but Prince William is certainly working jolly hard to save the British monarchy.” And he goes on: “I did find William’s film surprisingly moving. It is beautifully filmed in stunning locations from Anglesey in Wales to the Hindu Kush.” The Telegraph’s Anita Singh worries that what “the documentary failed to explain very well was how far the Duke’s role goes in all of this, beyond raising awareness with royal visits.” However, in The Times Carol Midgley feels that “William’s commitment to protecting the environment seems genuine, as does his desire to be able to turn to his three children in 20 years’ time and say: ‘I tried to do something.’”

The bar has been set high for Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal.

First shown October 2020. Watch the trailer here.

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