Rating 7.8
Streamer Netflix
Seasons 1
Episodes 1 x 100 mins

For US Liberals, there are few political figures more important than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There are T-shirts with her face on, calendars, colouring books and even action figures, celebrating the second woman to ever sit on the United States’ Supreme Court.

In 2020 Ruth Bader Ginsburg (sometimes known as the Notorious RBG) passed away aged 87, after 25 years of championing justice and equality. This moment is a reason to It’s not exactly a critical film – the producers have assumed that those watching it will agree with Ginsburg’s convictions, and considering it was released in 2018, they didn’t push her for comment on the highly politicised Me Too movement. You might see these two points as negatives, but through these choices the producers have created an uplifting and warm portrait of a much-loved figure.

This positive portrayal is praised in The New York Times, with A.O. Scott saying: “The movie’s touch is light and its spirit buoyant, but there is no mistaking its seriousness or its passion.” Geoffrey Macnab in The Independent agrees, calling RBG “enlightening and affectionate.” However, Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian commented: “it would have been interesting, and highly relevant, to hear from Ginsburg in general terms about the legal implications of #MeToo. 

Put on a statement necklace and a pair of chunky earrings, and celebrate the life of the legendary RBG. 

First shown May 2018. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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