Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Image: Netflix
Rating 6.3
Streamer Netflix
Seasons 1
Episodes 4 x 25 mins

You know what we all need after the last 18 months of viruses, political chaos and general worldwide turmoil? A show about a zombie outbreak inside the White House, which appears to be caused by a virus, which may or may not have been designed by a corrupt pharmaceuticals company.

Ok, we admit, this is the last thing we need. But fans of the Resident Evil gaming franchise will no doubt be tuning in anyway, ready for another round of CG adventures, this time on Netflix. So you won’t need to get sweaty-palmed and stressed out, aggressively pressing controller buttons and trying to fend off eight zombies at once – you can sit back, relax, and let the animators do the work for you.  

The show picks up where Resident Evil 4 left off, where Leon is now working for the government after he saved the president’s daughter from Los Iluminados. Now looking all official with a suit on – and with hair like England’s Jack Grealish –  he’s being sent into the Pentagon to figure out what’s going on with a suspected cyber-attack. Meanwhile, we also catch up with Claire, who is working for an NGO called Terrasave, in a fictional place called Penamstan, which has turned into a wreckage after a civil war largely caused by America and some dodgy biological weapons.

Obviously, these two plotlines are going to come together, but not until they’ve dragged us a long a bit and have us wondering how on earth these two, seemingly unrelated tales could possibly come together. Luckily, they keep us well entertained on the way, getting in plenty of classic Resident Evil scare moments which will make you jump out your seat, and all sorts of talk about conspiracies, government plots, and saving the world.

Fans of the games will no doubt love this series, which is comprised of just four 25-minute episodes and so feels a bit more like a dissected feature film than a lengthy series. It’s got the horror and the action that the franchise is known for, and the stylisation of the series is superb. However, we’re not quite convinced that this will bring in new fans, or make sense to those who aren’t up to date with the characters and plotlines from the games. But maybe that’s just a great excuse to fire up the Xbox or PlayStation, and dive into a world of zombie combat, mystery solving and globetrotting adventures.

First show July 2021. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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