Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets

Photograph: Sky
Rating 8.3
Streamers Now, Sky
Seasons 2
Episodes 14 x 45 mins

There’s nothing better than a bit of escapist telly, and this hotel hopping show is that in its purest form. So, pack your bags – we’re off on our holibobs!

This guy is literally living the dream – dressed up like James Bond, actor Richard E Grant flies around the world checking out the most outrageous, expensive and finest hotels the globe has to offer, and having a bloody good time of it, obviously. Anyone would, if they too were on an all-expenses-paid trip to places like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the Cote D’Azur’s celeb-riddled offerings, F Scott Fitzgerald’s former haunt in New Orleans, and The Dorchester in London. And reading this, you may be thinking, why would I want to watch some posh actor indulge in luxuries whilst I’m sat at home on my IKEA sofa – but we’re here to tell you to put your preconceptions aside.

Richard E. Grant is as excited to be there as we would be, walking around these gorgeous locations with a glint in his eye, smiling from ear to ear and positively prancing from room to room, ecstatic to see what’s round the next corner. He really is charming company, and his enthusiasm is catching. He also recognises that there’s something rather gross and excessive about some of these places, not shying away from making jokes at the expense of arsehole hotel owners, and giving us a knowing look whenever something ridiculous happens. Plus, there’s some serious property porn to gawp at here, giving you the architectural commentary of Grand Designs, and the opportunity to judge a hotel like you’re a contestant on Four in a Bed.

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Hotel Secrets is real feel-good TV, and in the great company of Grant we get to jet off for 45 minutes and escape everyday life. Unless, of course, your everyday life involves staying in $32,000 a night hotels, sipping champagne and swimming in the world’s highest swimming pool.

The Independent’s Archie Bland says there’s “something irresistibly childlike about [Grant’s] amusement at his surroundings… As the show proceeds, it becomes plain that everyone he meets is as won over by Grant as we are.” Which is very won over, can we have a few more seasons please?

First shown August 2014. 

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