Rating 7.5
Streamer All4
Seasons 9
Episodes 86 x 40 mins

Channel 4 waiting for a show to become successful, then swooping in to poach it? How unusual… Taskmaster has graduated from its pint-brandishing, balding roots on Dave to the sober, well-thatched Channel 4. The show already has nine seasons under its red velvet hat, and built up a broad audience of buffoonery-loving fans. If you are already one of these, you’ll be glad to know, despite Taskmaster going mainstream, it’s still merrily silly and so much fun you’ll want to jump into the telly and join in. Because there really is nothing better than watching seemingly intelligent people crumble under pressure – sometimes why TV news is as entertaining as comedy. For the newbies among us, Taskmaster is a comedy panel show hosted by the 9 foot 7 Greg Davies, who brings in five celebs/comedians and sets them ridiculous tasks, such as doing the ‘most preposterous thing with a chickpea’, or hiding a full pineapple on their person. What’s the point? There really isn’t one, and that of course is the point. It’s gloriously bonkers, and in 2020, by Greg is that welcome.

The Telegraph’s Anita Singh says, “Taskmaster is the show we need right now,” whilst Lucy Mangan in The Guardian calls it a “great joy,” and comments: “that something so pointless, so silly, so endlessly daft should exist is just delightful.” In The Daily Mail, Christopher Stevens gave the latest season five stars, rejoicing that it remained “as silly as ever!”

First shown July 2015. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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