The Head

Rating 8.1
Streamer Starzplay
Seasons 1
Episodes 6 x 50 mins

We realise that Starzplay might not have yet made it to your list of must-have streamers, but this ice-cold thriller scripted to send a shiver down your spine might just bring it a step or two closer.

Set at an Antarctic research station called Polaris VI, the series opens at the change in seasons. The summer crew are packing away their snow goggles and factor fifty, clearing their shelves and making way for the so-called Winterers – like Elsa from Frozen, the cold never bothered them, so they’re on their way for the long night watch as the sun sets on south pole, not to rise again for some months. The winter over, summer commander Johan Berg (Alexandre Willaume) dons his thermals and heads back to camp only to find a blood splattered crime scene and the Winterers dead. But one has managed to survive – although seemingly suffering from some post traumatic amnesia – and together they’ve got to unravel this mystery to find out what happened. But…are they alone?

Not only is it a premise that’s great for those of us who get a kick out of being unnerved, it has a side serving of a really spicy survival story. Plus, we can all relate to characters being cold and delirious from isolation at the moment, can’t we?

For some reason or other, this show has gone under the radar of the major critics, picked up only by the Financial Times’s Suzi Feay, who gives it a full five stars and calls The Head a “classy, high-tech locked-room murder mystery crossed with a Wim Hof ice challenge,” concluding “Watching this, I could practically feel the ice crystals forming on my beard — and I don’t even have a beard.”

And if you ask Must, others will soon be gushing about the series. We reckon this is going to be one of those word-of-mouth hits we have been seeing a lot of recently. We recommend you get ahead of the trend, watch it now, and thank us later.

First shown June 2020. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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