The Mandalorian

Rating 6.5
Streamer Disney+
Seasons 2
Episodes 16 x 45 mins

Putting franchise cynicism to one side, viewers and critics have just about liked this show.

In The Hollywood Reporter Daniel Feinberg was relieved that the opener was “an episode that’s unexpectedly brief, exceptionally polished and reasonably fun” but that the masked title role (played by Pedro Pascal) has its limitations for a reviewer: “It’s a peculiar review where you can’t say anything at all about the lead performance. He’s a loner and has very little dialogue and that’s about it. I can’t even say much about the physicality or expressiveness Pascal has brought here.”

In the Los Angeles Times Lorraine Ali said “I have no idea what the series is about, at least not yet. But it looked cool, like a trip to Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge without the long lines and screaming children.” Faint praise we think, but not as faint as Kelly Lawler in USA Today who felt it was all “a bit of a disappointment… But it does offer something almost no other TV series can: A trip, every week, to a world of blasters, lightsabers and parsecs. And for many fans, that might just be enough.” And that’s what we think – this is probably one for the fans.

First shown March 2020 (UK) November 2019 (US). You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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