The West Wing

Rating 8.9
Streamer All4
Seasons 7
Episodes 155 x 40 mins

Whilst Channel 4 are falling behind on the new content, they’re keeping us watching by dropping some vintage bangers on their streaming service, All4. Their latest offering is The West Wing, which is now available for bingeing. Indisputably one of the best political dramas of all time, the late nineties series is the ideal watch after a hectic election cycle – through seven seasons there isn’t a scene quite as baffling as the recent Biden v Trump debates. The series is set in – believe it or not – the west wing of the White House, and follows the staffers of fictional democratic president, Jed Bartlet. Naturally, the President’s staff can’t help but let their personal lives mingle with their professional ones. Trump would have them booted out before you could say ‘fake news.’ But the fact it’s so far from current politics is exactly why we think you should watch it: it’s a cosy and comforting classic, and the second you hear the distinctively cheesy title music, you’ll be put at ease.

Whilst on air, The West Wing won a whopping 26 Emmys, out of 95 nominations. It’s also mentioned in countless lists of the best television shows of all time, the most notable ones being Time, TV Guide, Empire and The Rolling Stone. It also got the stamp of approval from The Writers Guild of America, who ranked it at number 10 in their list of 101 best-written TV series. If that’s not enough to persuade you, the recent reboot which encouraged people to vote went down an absolute storm. Vote Bartlet!

First shown September 1999.

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