Rating 8.3
Streamers ITV Hub, Netflix
Seasons 4
Episodes 24 x 60 mins

When looking for something to get your telly teeth stuck into there’s little better than a British cop drama – the combo of a mysterious murder, likeable and bantering coppers and an emotional journey to justice is always a sure-fire winner.

And this one’s got it nailed – Unforgotten begins as a body is found in a London house which is currently being demolished. DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan are called to the scene, unravelling the mystery to reveal that the body is that of a missing boy from 1976, who left a mysterious diary which mentions four apparently unconnected people. Cassie and Sunny team up to crack the case and bring justice for the victim.

You might be sat there thinking, “hang on a minute Must, we’ve been round the TV block a few times, and surely we’ve seen enough whodunit lollops around London?” And we’d forgive your hesitation. But trust us, this detective drama is worth your time.

The first reason is the brilliant cast. You’ve got Nicola Walker – who you’ll recognise as the universally loved Ruth from Spooks – and funny guy Sanjeev Bhaskar, completely convincing as the investigative officers. And in each season they’re backed by equally excellent actors – this series is like a trophy cabinet of British brilliance.

And the talent doesn’t go to waste, either. Writer Chris Lang has made sure that every character is believable and compelling, and as a result you find yourself as invested in the relationships between the coppers, and the rippling effects of crime in a community, as you do in solving the murder. If you ask Must, that’s the mark of a good crime drama, and likely why this ITV series has gathered such a devoted following over its four seasons. 

But it did take a season or two to get people talking. The first instalment got largely ignored, with The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan finding the “dodgy dialogue” a bit awkward. But according to her colleague Sam Wollaston, she should have stuck with it, as he gave the third season five stars and said: “there is no better drama on television than Unforgotten.” The Independent’s Ed Power is with him, calling it an “addictive thriller.”

And it seems it’s just got better and better. Another Guardian critic, Stuart Jeffries, gave the latest season another five star review, saying Cassie and Sunny have the “sweetest professional relationship ever to grace TV.” That’s maybe why Anita Singh of The Telegraph calls the series “extraordinary,” whilst Carol Midgley in The Times reveres this “quality misery.”

First shown April 2018. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here.

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