Rating 8.9
Streamer Disney+
Seasons 1
Episodes 9 x 30 mins

This Disney+ offering is a series of parodies, where two lesser known Marvel superheroes journey through the twentieth century via the medium of corny American sitcoms. It doesn’t sound convincing, does it? But trust Must, it’s wanda-ful.

Marvel megafans will be familiar with the telekinetic Wanda Maximoff – or Scarlett Witch – and her lover, Vision, the synthezoid – he can pass through walls – who teamed up with the Avengers for Infinity War. But here the couple have left their avenging days behind, and are embarking on a syrupy sweet satirical series, joyfully taking the micky out of America’s true love, the sitcom.

And they nail it. Each episode jumps a decade, starting with the 1950s I Love Lucy style show, then travelling to the 60s and Bewitched, and on past the 70s with a broad take on The Brady Bunch. The series plays with period and aesthetics, but also structure and tone, going against Marvel’s usual grain by refusing to stick to one formula. And it works brilliantly – in each period the show is consistently funny, intriguing and as far as the aesthetics go, well, it’s a Vision.

Bonus points also come from the fact that, unlike a lot of recent comedies, it’s funny without being cynical or laced with self-depecation. It skilfully strikes the balance between awareness and light-hearted humour, and so definitely goes down as a Must.

The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan calls it a “retro joy,” saying “it’s all deliciously, confidently, stylishly done.” And it’s likely thanks to this that the Independent’s Louis Chilton is calling it “the most purely intriguing thing the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] has ever made.” It seems to be praise all round, with Ed Power in The Telegraph agreeing, “As a loving pastiche of creaky American sitcoms WandaVision is endearing… But it’s that rising dread – with the mystery it portends – that will bring Marvel fans scrambling back for more.”

First shown January 2021. You can watch the trailer by pressing play on the show image, or by clicking here:

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