10 Best Foreign Language Series

Who needs international travel when you can watch international telly? 

Here are ten of Must TV’s favourite foreign language shows, and where you can stream them right now. 

Money Heist

4 Seasons Netflix 32 x 50 mins
The fans are asking: is this the most under-appreciated series on tv? Well, there's so much tv on, that accolade could go to a number of unappreciated gems, but Money Heist would be high up the list.


3 Seasons Netflix 30 x 60 mins
This focuses on Birgitte Nyborg Christensen, a small-time centrist politician in Denmark’s parliament, who has, thanks to a series of unfortunate events, ended up as the country’s first female prime minister.


1 Season Netflix 5 x 45 mins
This series takes its inspiration from fictional character, Arsène Lupin, a master of disguise and gentleman thief, who first appeared in a story by Maurice Leblanc in 1905. But Lupin has had a very twenty-first century makeover in this Netflix original.


8 Seasons BBC iPlayer 88 x 50 mins
This dark drama is set in Paris’s banlieue, where a bunch of cops and lawyers are desperately trying to uphold at least a low level of peace in an area far removed from the picturesque, postcard Paris we’re used to seeing.

The Bureau

5 Seasons Amazon Prime 50 x 60 mins
If you don’t mind watching with subs, it’s well worth popping over la manche via streamer and checking out the smash-hit espionage thriller from the French screenwriter, Éric Rochant. It’s time to meet Malotru - secoué, pas remué.
2 Seasons Now TV, Sky 17 x 30 mins
If you've been pining for a bit of Neapolitan sunshine during lockdown, you might have turned to Elena Ferrante’s hugely popular novels My Brilliant Friend. The first season of the TV adaptations aired last year to much acclaim. The good news is that season two is even better.


1 Season Netflix 4 x 55 mins
Some shows get big glitzy launches, parade huge stars, big-name directors and hog all the limelight. Others come up quietly with little fanfare, combining beautiful filmmaking with crafted story-telling.
3 Seasons Now TV, Sky 29 x 50 mins
Since this probably isn’t family viewing, once you’ve looked up ‘Weimar Republic’ on Wikipedia with your kids, all three seasons of Babylon Berlin are a great way to spend your evenings after the rest of the household has gone to bed.


1 Season Netflix 8 x 60 mins
A co-production between the BBC and Netflix, Giri/Haji (roughly translating to Duty/Shame) is a border crossing cops and crime thriller, with the beauty we are used to from the streaming giant, and the grit we get with all good Beeb dramas.
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