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24th May 2021

Photograph: BBC

Whilst the BBC might be in hot water, Must TV is in a perfectly temperate jacuzzi, sipping cocktails and reading this week’s Must List.

This week Prince Harry’s back on the box with Apple TV+, we’re rocking out with Lady Parts, and revenge is being served cold at a brewery in Wales. Plus, just in time for half term, we’ve got the perfect comedy for disgruntled parents.

1 Season Apple TV+ 5 x 60 mins
When you heard that Prince Harry and Oprah were teaming up for a telly show again, you likely rolled your eyes, predicting another round of Twitter storms and rants on Good Morning Britain. But now it’s out, we’re pleased to report that our social feeds are remarkably calm.
Score: 7.6
1 Season All4 6 x 30 mins
Whilst the title makes this sound like another one of Channel 4’s factual slots is being filled with people flashing – we’re looking at you, Naked Attraction – it’s actually something much more fun and radical. It’s a sitcom about an all-female, Muslim punk band.
Score: 7.3
1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 60 mins
Big Little Lies has had a Welsh make over, so it’s out with the massive houses and perfectly preened hair, and in with the rain macs and gloomy weather. Luckily the drama has stayed high class, with gorgeous cinematography to boot.
Score: 7.4
1 Season YouTube 444 x 15 mins
Our inherent love of poking round other people’s gaffs led to the creation of the noughties, MTV classic, Cribs. But now, two decades on, our need for interior design inspiration is being fulfilled by a shinier, classier and more celeb filled YouTube channel. Score:
Score: 8.5
3 Seasons BBC iPlayer, Netflix 17 x 30 mins
A message for all parents preparing for holidays - we promise won’t tell anyone if you stick the kids in front of the telly so you can sip a glass of vino and bingewatch this series. Mum’s the word.
Score: 8.4
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