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Best of All4, Channel 4's Streaming Service

They say nothing’s free in this world. But whoever said that clearly hasn’t been on Channel 4’s brilliant streaming service recently, more commonly known as All4. We’ve lined up some of the best of All4’s boxsets, including cracking comedies, hard-to-watch docs and a couple of classic dramas.

And once you’ve made your way through our top ten, take a peek at what you lot have been adding to your Watchlist from All4, as well as our top rated shows.

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1 Season All4 1 x 100 mins
For Sama brings reveals the horror and hope of life under siege in Syria’s Aleppo – in our own time, in 2016.
Score: 8.9


2 Seasons All4 21 x 30 mins
The series follows Ramy Hassan – played by Ramy Youssef – a second-generation Egyptian-American millennial, raised in a Muslim family in New Jersey and now desperately trying to find out who he is.
Score: 8.5
6 Seasons All4 37 x 20 mins
Bless Simon Bird. No matter how hard he tries he will always be the briefcase wanker from The Inbetweeners, won’t he? Sad though this may be, luckily Bird has already proven he’s no one trick pony, with another hilarious banger from Channel 4. Another sitcom, hm? Cool that sounds
Score: 7.3
7 Seasons All4 155 x 40 mins
Indisputably one of the best political dramas of all time, the late nineties series is the ideal watch after a hectic election cycle – through seven seasons there isn’t a scene quite as baffling as the Biden v Trump debates.
Score: 8.9
2 Seasons All4 12 x 20 mins
In 2021 we’re used to our teen drama coming with rich Californians, selfies on Instagram, recreational drugs and naïve parents. But it wasn’t that way in the 1990s - the era of beanie babies, Clueless, girl power...and the troubles in Northern Ireland.
Score: 7.8
1 Season All4 5 x 50 mins
Russell T Davies is taking us back to the 80s, the decade of pop music, parties, huge hair... and the AIDS epidemic. This heart-breaking, joyful series follows a group of LGBT friends throughout the decade, with laughter and love sitting front and centre.
Score: 9.0
9 Seasons All4, Netflix 173 x 20 mins
We’re not sure you’d be able to sell a ‘show about nothing’ these days. We’ve become far too comfortable with complex plots and high-octane drama. But Seinfeld isn’t of this era, in fact, you might even argue it’s from a better one.
Score: 8.7
1 Season All4 1 x 90 mins
Written by James Graham and directed by Toby Haynes, this film depicts the controversial run up to the 2016 Brexit referendum, through the eyes of the most prominent leave campaigners and strategists.
Score: 7.5
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