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Best of Amazon Prime

Confession time everybody! We’ve been going nuts on Amazon in lockdown: the good news is that Amazon Prime membership gives us some cracking TV; the bad news is that there is an awful lot of cardboard in the Must TV shed…

We’ve rooted out ten of the finest shows on Prime… cardboard not included. 

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7 Seasons Amazon Prime 92 x 50 mins
Must TV is launching a campaign to get you to (re)watch this this iconic series, which follows a group of cut-throat advertisers that occupy Madison Avenue in the 1960s.
Score: 9.0
5 Seasons Amazon Prime 84 x 45 mins
Bear with us Brits, it’s about to get soppy. And we’re talking full on, sniffly nose, cry into the dog’s ears kind of soppy. So, loosen that stiff upper lip, let down that guard and embrace This is Us.
Score: 6.9
2 Seasons Amazon Prime 16 x 45 mins
Amazon have just offered their own solution to family viewing and it's the action series Alex Rider. Think a young James Bond, and although he's still at school and had to trade the Aston for a push bike, it's brilliant.
Score: 8.2
1 Season Amazon Prime 6 x 60 mins
Neil Gaiman has got a bit of a rep for his (sometimes worryingly) wild imagination, his novels revered for their incredibly visual fantastical elements. In fact, some of his writing has actually been labelled too difficult to translate for screen - Good Omens is one of those.
Score: 7.8
1 Season Amazon Prime 10 x 60 mins
If Lord of the Flies, Lost and Mean Girls got mixed together in a blender, The Wilds would be the resulting smoothie. This series asks, which is scarier: being a high school girl, or being abandoned on a deserted island?
Score: 6.7
2 Seasons Amazon Prime 22 x 60 mins
It feels like every month there’s a new Marvel movie, or a new show about some saint-like saviour, swooping about in lycra, saving the day. Again. Anyone else bored? Well, bring in The Boys, where the heroes are unhinged, potty-mouthed sociopaths.
Score: 7.7
8 Seasons Amazon Prime 180 x 40 mins
Wisteria Lane is like the Gotham City of the American suburbs, where you ask why on earth do these people keep living here with these constant threats and turmoil’s? Though here, unlike on Batman’s turf, the threats come in the form of passive aggressive neighbours, suspicious spouses and... the eerie narration of a dead neighbour?
Score: 7.4
5 Seasons Amazon Prime 57 x 50 mins
When this Amazon space soap opera first aired in 2015, critics and viewers everywhere were comparing it to the higher stratosphere success of Battlestar Galactica. But five seasons later, is this series still reaching for the stars?
Score: 6.8
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