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Best of BBC iPlayer

If you’ve got a TV, you’ll have a TV licence and that means the BBC’s world-class content is at your fingertips. We’ve put together our selection of ten of the best that are currently available on BBC iPlayer. 

We’ve cued them up – you just need to press play!  

As well as our top ten BBC iPlayer picks below, check out Must TV’s super-fresh compilation of the most recent BBC iPlayer shows, as well as our community favourites – the most bookmarked BBC iPlayer shows.
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1 Season BBC iPlayer 12 x 30 mins
Michaela Coel's stunning new series is most certainly not a family show, but if you have the stomach for gripping drama this is certainly a Must. Coel is not just a gifted writer and actor, but a brilliant humourist to boot.
Score: 9.2
1 Season BBC iPlayer 5 x 60 mins
By interviewing some of the people who were there, Once Upon A Time In Iraq, tells a new story of the invasion, at times terrifying, but also by turns tender and unexpectedly funny. It is consistently compelling television.
Score: 9.2
4 Seasons BBC iPlayer 15 x 60 mins
Sherlock Holmes has ditched the deerstalker and pipe for a head of curls and a mobile phone, strutting his eccentric stuff right into the 21st Century. And what better man for the job of playing him than Benedict Cumberbatch?
Score: 8.4
1 Season BBC iPlayer 10 x 60 mins
He never disappoints does he? Sir David Attenborough’s got his thermals on and he’s off to the poles in the name of nature exploration. Cor, almost makes you chilly just thinking about it.
Score: 9.5
5 Seasons BBC iPlayer 21 x 60 mins
When writing London-based Luther, Neil Cross threw subtlety out of his car window onto the busy M25, where it then got run over by a car, a lorry, and a cement mixer.
Score: 7.2
4 Seasons BBC iPlayer 74 x 40 mins
There are few TV shows that are spoken about with almost universal praise - you’ve got The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Sopranos, and this show, Battlestar Gallactica.
Score: 8.5
2 Seasons BBC iPlayer 12 x 30 mins
As far as talked about TV goes, Fleabag is up there, breaking the internet with its impeccable one liners and... the hot priest.
Score: 8.6
5 Seasons BBC iPlayer 36 x 60 mins
Compared to other cop dramas, this one is notably stripped back. They haven’t chucked a load of money at fancy schmancy lighting, and don’t waste precious resource making sure the soundtrack reflects a hipster’s playlist titled “just vibes.” Instead they’ve spent their time and money on the properly good stuff: the drama.
Score: 8.6
6 Seasons BBC iPlayer 52 x 30 mins
If our readers are anything like Team Must, you’re well ready for a break from all the smarter-than-thou, emotionally intelligent dramedies and are more than ready for a slice of belly-jiggling, knee-slapping silliness. And there are two people who are absolutely certain to give you just that: Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
Score: 7.9
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