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The Best of Netflix List

It’s a streamer special from Must with ten of the best series to watch on Netflix.

In the battle of the streamers, Netflix is always fighting for first place. With regular drops of expensive looking originals and timeless classics, all organised with their questionable (and oft hilarious) genre categorisation, they changed the streaming game. But how are we possibly meant to know what’s worth watching amongst all this endless content?

A good place to start is by checking out our most bookmarked Netflix shows, or even the highest scoring series, but in true Must fashion, we’ve made it even easier to find your next Netflix watch.

Team Must have scoured Netflix to create this list of their very best series, with hidden gems to tempt you, as well as the big-hitters that really shouldn’t be missed. 

Read on for Must TV’s top ten Netflix shows – and if you’ve already completed Netflix check out our best TV shows on Amazon Prime.

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3 Seasons Netflix 24 x 50 mins
Despite all the references to ‘jizz’, boners, and rampant teenage libidos, this show ultimately stands out as a warm, heartfelt celebration of teenage uncertainty and secondary school years. And it’s hilarious, too.
Score: 9.0
5 Seasons Netflix 75 x 45 mins
Since Bridgerton smashed a load of Netflix records, the name Shonda Rimes has become a household one. But that saucy period-piece was far from her first TV-show-rodeo. The 2014 Rimes-produced How to get Away With Murder is a macabre Must.
Score: 8.5
3 Seasons Netflix 25 x 60 mins
Taking on the classic tropes of the 1980s sci-fi, this stylish, intelligent and quite frankly terrifying series is one of Netflix’s most loved originals. “Must TV phone home...” and tell them to stick the telly on, we’re going to the upside-down.
Score: 9.1
1 Season Netflix 4 x 55 mins
Some shows get big glitzy launches, parade huge stars, big-name directors and hog all the limelight. Others come up quietly with little fanfare, combining beautiful filmmaking with crafted story-telling.
Score: 9.0
6 Seasons Netflix 94 x 30 mins
This series follows the lives of two couples, Grace and Robert, and Frankie and Sol. Well, at least they’re couples at the beginning. Then Robert and Sol leave their wives for each other.
Score: 8.4
2 Seasons Netflix 19 x 55 mins
This critically acclaimed fictional series features history’s most brutal killers – Ed Kemper, Charles Manson, Monte Rissell, Richard Speck - without glamorising their crimes. It does this by focusing less on the actual killing, and more on the inner workings of the criminals’ messed up minds.
Score: 9.1
6 Seasons Netflix 80 x 20 mins
The series first premiered in 2015, and for some reason went largely ignored. That is, until Netflix pulled it out of the dark early last year, and into the sun of millions of miserable, quarantining viewers.
Score: 8.5
5 Seasons Netflix 43 x 50 mins
The fans are asking: is this the most under-appreciated series on tv? Well, there's so much tv on, that accolade could go to a number of unappreciated gems, but Money Heist would be high up the list.
Score: 7.9
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