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More Family Favourites

Readers loved our last list of family friendly shows so much that we’ve decided to roll out a whole bunch more. 

We’ve got teen dramas, sci-fi adventures, a cartoon comedy and the perfect show to watch whilst munching on your morning Weetabix. 

Stick the telly on, here’s your Thursday Must List

4 Seasons All4 36 x 45 mins
This teen drama takes its plot lines from real life events that have taken place in British schools. Does anyone know who it was that said, “your school days are the best of your life”? Because we need a word.
Score: 7.6
13 Seasons BBC iPlayer, BritBox 171 x 50 mins
There are a handful of TV show theme songs that just send you right back to a certain point in your life. Like this one this one, with the instantly nostalgic sound of the Tardis flying through space and time, into the face of another adventure.
Score: 8.3
3 Seasons Netflix 25 x 60 mins
Taking on the classic tropes of the 1980s sci-fi, this stylish, intelligent and quite frankly terrifying series is one of Netflix’s most loved originals. “Must TV phone home...” and tell them to stick the telly on, we’re going to the upside-down.
Score: 9.1
YouTube 2,680 x 15 mins
Presenters Rhett and Link have been creating content on YouTube since 2012, and have amassed over 17 million subscribers with more than 7 billion views across their videos. And what’s remarkable is that, in their almost ten years of online content creation, they’ve hardly changed their format.
Score: 7.9
3 Seasons BBC iPlayer 19 x 30 mins
Ghosts isn’t smart, it isn’t ground-breaking and it isn’t sharp, but what it is, is needed. With every writer and broadcaster battling it out to see who can have the most viral, politically relevant and bone wry show, this family-friendly fun fest is a welcome addition to our week.
Score: 7.7


6 Seasons Netflix 121 x 45 mins
When Must went to school it was frowned upon to burst into song and dance in the middle of Mr Hall’s maths lesson, or to perform a spontaneous rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody during the Thursday morning assembly. For the cast of Glee however, it’s entirely normal.
Score: 7.8
2 Seasons Netflix 30 x 60 mins
Let us set the scene – children born with super powers are taken under the wing of an eccentric bald British man, they all get separated, then they reunite to take on the world’s issues and their father’s mysterious death.
Score: 6.2
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