Weekly Lists

5th July 2021

Photograph: BBC

It’s coming home!

But in the mean-time, here are five shows you can watch to pass the time until the semi-final.
We’ve got three very different documentaries, a raunchy new Netflix soap, and a classic sitcom full of chuckles.

Here’s today’s Must List

1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 60 mins
Reading the core info about this series, we imagine you’re going “as much as I may love his work, I’m just not sure I can sit through six hours of telly about Ernest Hemingway.” But yet here we are, giving it a solid score and trying to persuade you to watch it.
Score: 8.5
1 Season Netflix 3 x 60 mins
Netflix have teed up another terrifying bit of true crime telly for us, this time set in Ireland’s rural region of West Cork, where French television producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier was found murdered outside her holiday home.
Score: 7.8
1 Season Netflix 8 x 50 mins
Whilst our former health secretary may have been getting frisky in lockdown, for many aspiring lovers it has been a long, hard time without dates. And never one to miss an opportunity, Netflix are cashing in by delivering a televised shagathon, in the form of this ridiculous and soapy series.
Score: 4.5
7 Seasons Disney+ 177 x 25 mins
Often when you think of sitcoms, your mind naturally goes to New York in the 90s, the era of Seinfeld and those six Friends. But we’re here to persuade you to venture a little further back, and about 1,300 miles south to Miami in 1985, the home of the glorious Golden Girls.
Score: 8.7
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